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Part 2


The intention was to use as much of the original model as possible, although getting it to come apart in the first place proved to be something of a challenge due to the amount of solidified paint lathered all over the surface.  It also still retained it's original factory paint finish underneath and had never previously been taken apart.


The glazing was clearly beyond repair and firmly stuck to the body where paint had bled through and dried, it was duly removed using the screwdriver and hammer method.  All glazing, the interior, one rear wheel and all four remaining tyres were binned.  The bodyshell, roof, roof pod, and both front and rear panels were paint stripped back to bare-metal over the course of a weekend.  It was also possible to retain all three of the original plastic base plugs which hold the model together.


Although generally in good shape, some repairs were required around the top edge of the bodyside, most notably the top of the second nearside window bay which was bent inwards and downwards.  The photos here show the model after being dismantled, then shortly after paint stripping.  A couple of shots are included showing where some of the main body repairs were carried out.

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