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The unique model shown here is a commission built bespoke for a customer.  What may appear at first glance to be a fairly ordinary looking London Country vehicle in fact being a work of pure fiction from the "what might of been" stable.


Based upon a mid-1970's Northern Counties bodied Greater Manchester standard Leyland Atlantean AN68, the instruction was to apply London Country's pre-NBC livery of dark green and canary yellow complete with period fleet names and the famous flying polo mint logo used in the early days of LCBS.


The model essentially showing not only what might of been had London Country decided to purchase Greater Manchester standard style bodies for their large fleet of Atlanteans being delivered at the time, but also what might of been had the National Bus Company not imposed corporate image from 1972.










Preperation of the customer supplied model was straight forward, the only physical alteration required was to change the front wheels from having polished hub rings to the exposed wheel nut variant.


After stripping and metal surface prep, the bodyshell was primed, baked, and then resprayed into London Country livery, all green first with gloss yellow masked and applied on top.


Wheels were resprayed in matching green, and the underside was carefully masked out and finished in aluminium.  The engine block is in gunmetal which contrasts nicely against the chassis.  




Having examined photos of various London Country Leyland Atlanteans, transfers were positioned onto the model to look as authentic as possible.  Fleet numbers, the registration, Godstone garage allocation and route 409 blinds had all been specified by the customer and transfers were produced bespoke.


Chrome LEYLAND lettering across the top edge of the bonnet and a correct period black/chrome Atlantean badge give the model it's finishing touches.


Once all of the transfers were fitted, and had been verified and approved by the customer, Acrylic clearcoat was applied and cured.  Final decoration such as the lights, door steps and handles are hand finished.


Re-assembled and polished the bus certainly looked the part, and now resides in the collection of it's delighted owner.

GDB168N_375 (3) GDB168N_375 (1) GDB168N_375 (2)