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Body And Primer Work


An illustration of various bodywork repairs undertaken on this 1/50th scale 1970 GMC New Look.


The twenty year old Corgi bodyshell having been stripped to bare metal was heavily sanded and had much of it's innacurate cast beading removed in the process.  Holes for the oversized roof marker lights were filled in, and the shoulder of the roof was flattened out as much as possible.  There were a large number of low spots and pin holes apparent in the metal work, all of which were indentified and filler skimmed.


Polyester fine filler (white) was used on the smaller jobs, with P38 (beige) used for larger repairs.  Much of the body was blocked using a variety of grits from 80 finishing with 400, or 600 on some of the smaller filler repairs.  The more inaccessible areas were done by hand using the same grits in the same order.


Two coats of single pack etching primer were applied to the body inside and out.  After that the inside of the body was masked and three coats of high build primer were applied and left to cure for several weeks.  The flash off time for this primer is very quick however the paint remains soft for some time.  Once cured, the whole body was dry sanded flat by hand with 600 grit, and a further two coats of high build primer laid on to finish.

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