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Commission work can be undertaken and an example of a commissioned model is shown in photos on this page; East Midland no.S590 (LRB590P), a 1975 mk.1 Leyland National integral painted in unrelieved National Bus Company leaf green livery with satin black bumpers.


No photos of the actual vehicle were available to work from, however a good verbal description was provided by the customer who specified destination blinds and numbers along with the post-1976 red/blue/white 'flying N' logo and black bumpers, both features that the vehicle would of acquired in later life.


Checking photos of similar vehicles revealed that East Midland's 1975 deliveries of mk.1 Leyland Nationals had still been fitted with the original style long roof pod from new, and this  detail was duly incorporated onto the model.








Although regarded as a straight-forward job, the Leyland National shown on this page required more than a week of painting using 2 different primers (plastic and metal components), 10 different colours and has 22 individual transfers applied


As with any bespoke service the price of the end product varies according to what exactly is ordered by a customer.  The inclusive price for a bespoke order will normally start from around £80 per model.


The price is based upon the material cost and level of work involved to create the specified model, and complexity of artwork required from which transfers are produced.  Bespoke transfers are produced by a specialist printers and prices for these items are set by them.


As with the range of models produced for stock, we generally specialize in the National Bus Company, Tillings and BET group vehicles and those of the various PTEs.


Undecorated models are also available.





In a similar respect to pricing, the turnaround times for commissioned models can vary a great deal and will depend on the complexity or size of an order.


A specific turnaround time is generally not given when an order is placed, but updates and photos are provided so that customers may keep track of their models during production and inspect the finished article prior to delivery.


Payment of a 50% deposit is required when placing commission orders.  The balance will be invoiced after completion of work and payment must be made prior to delivery.


Online invoicing and secure online payment is provided by PayPal.  

LRB590P small LRB590P small LRB590P small